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Yuletide 2020 Letter

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Requested Fandoms

Hello Potential Yuletide Creator!

I hope you find something that inspires you in this letter. If you want to roll with a less-is-more method for gift creation, please feel free to take my DNWs from my AO3 signup and throw everything else out. All of the additional prompts & likes that are provided in this letter are meant to give you a jumping off point if you’d like one! Otherwise, I’m excited to see what inspires you about these fandoms, characters & ships. :D

If you're interested in creating an art treat for me, I have art likes & prompts in addition to my fandom-specific prompts.

If you're interested in creating interactive fic, I am requesting IF for: Among Us, The Kiss, The Martian, and Princess and the Pony. There is more in my IF likes below.

Good luck & happy creating!

General Likes

  • +   Shenanigans. I love when characters have bright ideas and then get up to No Good. I am thrilled to read about the fallout of these shenanigans. Please give me as wild a shenanigan as you want to go. Second-hand embarrassment is amazing. I love the feeling of reading through my fingers, or gently saying "oh no" when characters make Very Bad decisions.
  • +   Single Scenes or Scene snippets. Some of the prompts might be more suited to really long fic ideas--I'm thrilled to receive a really short scene that includes any of my likes, or that takes a moment out of longer plot.
  • +   Plotty fics. I also enjoy when fics works come with a heaping side of whatever kind of problem you want to throw at the character(s).
  • +   Case fic (or mission fic). If you’re interested, you could write mysteries for any of the requests in this letter. I love mysteries so much. From the simple-to-solve rather mundane cases (“who ate the last of the cheese?”) to the conspiracy-spanning ones (“unicorns are actually a plot to invade this reality.”)
  • +   Worldbuilding. For any of my requested canons, I would love to know more about that world! Feel free to use unusual fic formats like excerpts from books, magazines, reviews, letters, registers, ledgers, naval log books...whatever makes sense for the canon.
  • +   Quest narratives. Quests are my jam. Anything that explore texts, places, temples, palaces, weird forests, ancient and hidden libraries--you name it.
  • +   Gen fic &/or Shipfic. I enjoy non-romance focused and romance-focused fic equally!
  • +   Slow (Emotional) Burns. Characters taking a while to learn/figure out that someone else also likes them in my jam. This in no way precludes characters from having sex. In fact, I love characters who have sex--repeatedly!--and then have the emotional awareness to genuinely wonder, “do you think they could possibly like me back?”
  • +   Canons, but with sex. For fandoms with requested ships, I am 100% down to read a version of that canon’s missions, adventures, cases, or problems...but also with sex.
  • +   First times. Get-Togethers. For requested ships, I love when I get to see characters fall in love, or tumble into bed for the first time, or experience that first moment that makes them seek each other out.
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Smut Likes

  • +   I consider everything on this list extremely optional. If you're interested in writing smut for the characters I've requested, please feel free to write what you think works best. As long as you avoid my DNWs, I will be interested. If you'd prefer just to write a kiss and then a fade-to-black, or a curtain falls, I'm very okay with that too. All that said, here's a quick rundown of my smut likes:
  • +   A variety of different sex acts. Frottage, Intercrural, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Fingering, Rimming, Anal Sex. Masturbation. Mutual Masturbation.
  • +   Clothing Kinks. Uniform Kink, Clothed/Unclothed.
  • +   Kinks that emphasize trust & control. Breathplay/Choking, Honor Bondage, Masks, Blindfolds & Blind masks, Pain Play, Face Slapping, Impact Play/Spanking.
  • +   Kinks that play with the border between fear & desire. Fights that become fucking. Characters that are trying to kill each other… and decide to resolve their differences by fucking instead. Anonymous sex. Identity play. Under negotiated Kink. Kink that isn’t safe or sane.
  • +   Orgasm Denial. Edging. Ruined Orgasms. Shitty, Awful Sex. Interrupted Sex. One character falling asleep after sex. Only one character getting off.
  • +   Dubious Consent. I enjoy dubcon where both requested characters are coerced by external events/people/situations like fuck-or-die, or precursors-made-them-do-it, etc. Sex where characters aren't into it at first, but are fully onboard by the end.
  • +   Voyeurism. Sex in Semi-Public Places. One half of a ship watching the other with a third party, or by themselves.
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Art Likes

Pixels & Paintbrushes

Requesting Art For:

Asssassin's CreedAmong UsThe KissThe Decoy BrideThe MartianThe Princess and the Pony

Art Likes:

+ Art that use text/typography in unusual ways. I love illustrated/illuminated caps that you see in Medieval manuscripts; I love illustrations of in-universe texts, like drawings of papyri or Egyptian funeary hieroglyphics.

+ Canon-pastiches. For visual canons that have a well-defined visual size, I really love artwork that is similar to the source material. Simple linework + watercolor washes for The Princess and the Pony. Symbolic, painterly styles for The Kiss. Etc.

+ Gold and black artworks. Gold foil. Gold leaf. Interference gold. Gold of all types. Yellows, oranges, golds, are a favorite, especially when combined with black and sometimes some accenting white or violets.

+ Artwork that uses surreal imagery to depict emotional states. Tarot card art often does this, and I'm such a huge fan of how the emotional mood & tone of the piece is shaped by its iconography.

+ Non-figurative & abstract artwork. Landscapes. Still lifes. Abstract art. Coat of Arms. Maps. Color Field artworks. De Stijl-inspired works (Piet Mondrian pastiches are some of my absolute faves). And if you'd like to make abstract art, I'd adore hearing your thoughts on the piece you've made, and the themes you've explored in your piece!)

+ E-rated art that includes one of my smut likes. For fandoms with requested ships/sexual content only, please!

+ Character(s)'s rooms. What does their room look like? What's on their shelves? What's precious to them? What do they want to remember? What's next to their bed? What's hidden...but can't be parted with?

+ Terrariums! Anything that’s living but also in a glass container.

+ Color palettes from canon, vaporwave color palettes, analogous color palettes, limited color palettes.

+ Small character moments. Pinic in the forest. Knitting a sweater. Sharing tea together. Holding hands.

+ Botanical Illustrations. You can find a treasure trove of illustrations here. Some of my favorites can be found here.

+ Language of Flowers book covers.. Like dang. Woah. Oh my god I love these.

+ A bestiary/collection page. I love visual collections. Items assembled together in a book (like Medieval Bestiaries), or someone’s journal (like those monster-hunter manuals that would pop up whenever we got a gander at The Diary in Supernatural). I also love the kinds of bestiary where it’s clear that someone is collecting these creatures, whether they’re taking notes about them, Actually Collecting Them, just drawing them as they spot them, or taking snapshots of the Cool Critters They Have Seen.

Art Prompts

  • (Assassin's Creed: Origins) Bayek smooching a grumpy cat. :D
  • (Assassin's Creed: Origins) Bayek wearing Isu Armor! I love the facemask, the glowing bits, the everything about it.

  • (Among Us) Memes and/or short comics. I love humor for this fandom, especially when combined with [X] was The Imposter and [x] was not The Imposter screens.
  • (Among Us) Bean Porn. I love E-rated art in this fandom...when the characters look like their canon appearances. Give me your lewdest low poly/stubby pean porn! I would be interested in any ship gender configuration ship for E-rated art (though I would prefer you leave out mini-crewmate and the mini-imposter if you're drawing explicit art). Favorite colors are Lime, Yellow, Cyan, Orange & Pink. I love xeno, masturabtion, voyeurism, and the inherent tension between erotic art and cute beans. See my Smut Likes for more ideas!

  • (The Kiss) Cat pastiche. Other famous paintings, but feat. the Man in Gold & the Grumpy Cat. Jacques Louis David, but a cat. Edward Ruscha's classic shitposts paintings.
  • (The Kiss) What would this cat paint, anyway? I’d love to see a series of small paintings that the cat did. Or collections of things they found. Or what cat-sized art supplies would look like. Where would it have to hide its little studio?

  • (The Decoy Bride) A book cover for any of the books we see written in the film. A new cover for the re-release of The Orinthologist's Wife? The cover for A Simple Guidebook to Hegg? The cover to James' second book?? Title page art/frontipieces are also [chef's kiss].
  • (The Decoy Bride) James in THE OUTFIT. Fuffy jacket and plaid pants. ;o;
  • (The Decoy Bride) Shippy art for any of my requested James ships (James/Lara, James/Katie, James/Marco), or gen art would be amazing!

  • (The Martian) Diptych of Mark on Mars & Vincent on Earth. Beautiful vistas of their respective planets, or their rooms on the two planets. Compare & contrast artwork, or works that focus on their similarities even millions of miles away (e.g. the HAB and how similar it looks to some of the NASA offices :D?) Shippy or gen version of this art would be amazing!
  • (The Martian) Interstellar travel posters inspired by 1930s & 1940s travel posters. Art deco-inspired? Abstract if you want to go in that direction!

  • (The Princess and the Pony) Gems, jewels and jewelry. Fat pony in some JEWELRY. Princess Pinecone triumphantly raising the jewelry overhead like a PRIZE.
  • (The Princess and the Pony) ARCHERY. Princess Pinecone learning how to shoot. TRAINING MONTAGE!

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Interactive Fic Likes

Making Choices & Regretting Them Instantly :D

Requesting IF For:

Among UsThe KissThe MartianThe Princess and the Pony

IF Likes:

+ Choose Your Own Adventure-style narratives. I especially love Twine-style games. (I'm not familiar with parcer games.)

+ Time loops, with a difference. Doing similar actions but getting different results!

+ 2nd or 3rd person preferred. I'm open to any perspective you'd like to write in, however.

+ Collecting things. Okay, stealing. Being able to take everything that isn't nailed down!

+ Some kind of branching narrative. Doesn't have to be huge, but I do enjoy when I get to make at least one (1) choice that affects the gameplay.

+ A variety of tones from serious to farce.

+ E-rated IF that includes one of my smut likes. For fandoms with requested ships/sexual content only, please!

+ Character(s)'s rooms. What does their room look like? What's on their shelves? What's precious to them? What do they want to remember? What's next to their bed? What's hidden...but can't be parted with? Let me rifle through their STUFF. :D

+ Combining art+IF. See my art likes for more.

+ Combining fic prompts+IF. I have some IF-specific prompts below, but I'd also LOVE to see any of my fic prompts for my requested fandoms get adapted into an IF.

IF Prompts

  • (Among Us) Trapped in a task simulator. I would love an IF that explored being stuck in a task loop that got progressively more omninous (or cracky!) as things wear on.
  • (Among Us) How to romance a Crewmate simulator. The Imposter is really nervous. It likes humans (maybe even a particular human in the Crew), so it creates a Dating Sim! Complete with horrific outcomes if it gets the dating rituals wrong.
  • (The Kiss) Cat vs. The Man in Gold. Will Cat be able to outsmart owner, and escape the punishment kisses?
  • (The Kiss) Painting Simulator. It's a lovely day in the village, and you are a horrible (cat) artist. What do you draw? What do you do in your studio? What must be done to keep the painting a secret from the Man in Gold?
  • (The Martian) Escape Mars!. Put Mark Watney onto a Mars that has had a few more waves of technology and colonization on it (or ancient weird Martian technology). What kinds of extra tools does Mark have at his disposal? What can Vincent do to help?
  • (The Martian) Disaster onboard the Hermes! Throw a bunch of challenges at Mark, and see if he and the crew can survive in space!
  • (The Princess and the Pony) TRAINING MONTAGE. Princess Pinecone needs to glow up increase her warrior skills. Let's train, and see how she does in the next Warrior competition!
  • (The Princess and the Pony) Fat Pony Adventure Simulator A day in the life of Fat Pony!

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General Do Not Wants (DNWs)

  • 🛇   Sexual or romantic situations involving anyone younger than 16.
  • 🛇   Ageplay or de-aging characters.
  • 🛇   Omegaverse AUs.
  • 🛇   Oviposition or pregnancy for requested characters. Mentions of canonical children are absolutely fine.
  • 🛇   Genderswaps. For characters that do not have a specified canon gender, such as the crewmates in Among Us and The Grumpy Cat in The Kiss, please feel free to make them whatever gender you like. This DNW does not apply to shapeshifters like the Imposters in Among Us.
  • 🛇   Body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria. Please feel free to write and include trans characters, as long as you avoid focusing on their experiences with gender dysphoria. Specifically, as it relates to their body. Feelings of "I don't fit in" are fine! "My body is the reason I don't fit in"--please avoid. For characters that change shape, please avoid mentioning their disorientation/negative feelings with a new body. For example, the Imposters in Among Us excitedly exploring a new body = great! Feeling disturbed or uneasy in a human body = I would prefer that you avoid.
  • 🛇   Sickfic or infectious illnesses. Please no mention of infections, illnesses, or infectious diseases unless: a character is canonically ill/in poor health or the character is experiencing health hardship due to a survival situation.
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Fandom-Specific DNWs

  • 🛇   Assassin’s Creed-Specific DNWs: AUs where Bayek & other canonical Assassins aren’t Medjay/Hidden Ones/Assassins.
  • 🛇   Among Us-Specific DNWs: Killing mini-crewmate or mini-imposter.
  • 🛇   The Kiss-Specific DNWs: Graphic animal harm; sexual content
  • 🛇   The Martian-Specific DNWs: Requested Character death; AUs that aren't space-related in some way
  • 🛇   The Princess and the Pony-Specific DNWs: sexual content
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Assassin's Creed: Origins (video game)

Meeting people! Making friends! Murdering them! Find Assassin's Creed Origins on Ubisoft



Ships I like:

Bayek/Apollodorus, Bayek/Any Solar Deity, Bayek/Set, Bayek/Desmond, Bayek & Aya, Bayek/Aya

Favorite Things:


How come Bayek doesn’t react to any of the first civilization stuff? Whenever Bayek encounters a message from the Precursors at the Siwa Temple, he acts pretty dang chill for someone watching old technology doing its thing. I’d be interested in a fic that delves into why Bayek finds it completely normal (he’s desensitized to its wonders due to his grief over his son; or he thinks the gods are communicating something to someone else) or why he doesn’t find it normal, but still remains low-key about it (he thinks the gods are trying to communicate to him and doesn’t care about it while he’s still clouded with vengeance?).

Trapped in a Precursor Vault. I love Precursor stuff. The precursor vaults in AC: Ezio trilogy were fantastic, and would love to see Bayek spend more time interacting with Precursor tech/lore/objects. The vaults that Bayek encountered didn’t seem to want anything from him, but what if he later found one of Juno or Minerva’s science experiments? Give me jumping puzzles! Give me all of the parkour in historical spaces!

Bayek has left Egypt and is traveling across the Mediterraean. I would love post-canon fic where Bayek shows up in Rome and gets caught up in further developments in Roman history.

The Solar Barque. Bayek dreams of fighting Apep the soul eater on an empty solar barque, that should have seated Ra and his defenders. Where were the gods? Have they abandoned their duties? Been killed? Been defeated by Apep? I would love to read a fic that explores this moment further. Does Bayek have to take up the fight against Apep again? Who might he meet while he’s in the Duat?

Time Travel. I would be delighted by Bayek traveling further into the past, or forward in time... or if another character traveled back in time and met Bayek. (What if Desmond Miles ended up back in Siwa? What would Bayek make of this stranger blundering into his home town?)

In-Universe Personal Documents. Papyri, pottery shards, wax tablets. Give me anything that you think that Bayek would write, record, steal from enemies (or tombs), keep (or discard). Coptic, Demotic, Hieratic, and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics are all wonderful and welcome, if you want to use other languages/writing systems.

Give me any of those slice-of-life canon feels. Character studies. Action-adventure fic. The Cat Petting Simulator aspect of AC:Origins. (Seriously, when you get into scritching position, you can attract SO MANY CATS.) I’m here for all of those missing-scenes, or reflections on your favorite moments in canon.

A pure slice of id. Want to serve me up Bayek masturbating sadly in the desert? I will never say no to that. ♥

General DNWs

Assassin's Creed-specific DNWs

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Among Us (video game)

It's a lovely day on the Skeld, and you are a horrible Imposter. Find Among Us on Mobile and PC


Crewmate • Imposter • Mini-Crewmate

Ships I like:

Crewmate/Imposter, Crewmate & Mini-Crewmate, Imposter & Mini-Crewmate, Imposter & Mini-Imposter, Imposter & Mini-Imposter & a gaggle of Mini-Crewmates its collected to parent

Favorite Things:


Time loops. What if our intrepid character(s) get stuck doing the same tasks/murdering the same crewmates over and over again. Can the crew figure out what's happening and escape the time loop before all of reality breaks? (Bonus for an imposter that bands together and helps the crew.)

Shenanigans. You know that crewmate that just can't seem to stay on task? Give me their wildest shenanigans. Bonus points if their nonsense gets them voted off the ship. How about an Imposter that just can't get anything right? Jumping in and out of vents at the worst possible time, wildy inept at faking tasks.

The Twelve Angry Men Version of This Canon. Twelve Angry Men is a film about the deliberations of a jury in a single room setting. Everyone just wants to vote and get on with their day, but the confrontations just get more and more intense as members of the group insist that they deliberate on the evidence in front of them. Someone's life is at stake! A nail-biting interrogation/confrontation/group trying to build the evidence to throw someone off the ship would be amazing! Any outcome would be fantastic (The crew getting it right, the crew getting it wrong, the crew getting it DISASTROUSLY wrong.)

The Clue Version of This Canon. New people keep showing up on this ship, and they keep getting bumped off within minutes of their arrival! How is the Crew supposed to get anything done on the Skeld if they can't meet up with any other expeditions?

The Murder On The Orient Express Version of This Canon. Star-studded murder puzzle, where one Crewmate decides to solve the crime for the good of the whole ship? Sign me up!

Getting sexy in medbay. The crew has to submit body scans to rule out the imposter. The imposter doesn't want to scan. What if it distracted the crew with an orgy :D?

Oh no, mini-crewmate. It breaks my heart to see my mini-crewmate sit next to my dead body whenever I'm murdered in-game. I would love to see a fic that makes this mini-crewmate (or mini-imposter!) vigil less sad. Or, heck, even more sad?

A pure slice of id. Xeno! Mutual masturbation! Semi-public and public sex! Accidental Voyeurism through the security cameras! Having sex on task surfaces! Getting dubconned by an imposter! Getting nonconned by an imposter!

Truly indulgent HEA Imposter/Crewmate. Though if you really want to write me something indulgent, how about the Imposter and its favorite Crewmate conspiring to get off of the ship, and them framing another Crewmate to make their escape, so they can have uninterrupted weird xeno sex in an escape pod, all the way back to the Imposter's home planet. ♥

General DNWs

Among Us-specific DNWs

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The Decoy Bride (film)

Happy endings are often the opposite of what we expect. Find The Decoy Bride on Amazon Prime / other platforms


Any Character or Combination of Characters in the Tagset
(Katie Nic Aiodh • James Arber • Lara Tyler • Marco Ballani)

Ships I like:

Katie/James, Lara/Marco, Lara/James, James/Marco.

Favorite Things:


Post-canon art show. I loved the tentative meeting between Lara and Marco at the end of the film at Marco's show for his photography. Would adore seeing more of the show. What else did Marco photograph on the island? What's the show's reception, after all of his paparazzi work? For Lara & Marco (or Lara/Marco): How they might begin to bridge the history between them. Or if Lara is far more ready to forgive Marco for the past, I'd adore some identity shenaigans as they try to keep their friendship or relationship secret from/dodge the other paparazzi.

Katie, or Katie/James travel the world. Katie and James travel to a new location for James' next book, and Katie's next guidebook. What out-of-the-way spot might they travel to? I'm a huge fan of the fake towns/cities that have been invented for cozy murder mysteries (Like: Much Deeping in Miss Marple, Causton in Midsomer Murders), small towns in out-of-the-way places, islands, settlements at the extremes of the Earth. Feel free to invent your own town/city/castle/province. For the version of this prompt where just Katie goes it alone around the world--I'd love to read a character study on her finally making her way in the world (and/or falling for another emotionally repressed arty type.)

The Good Place AU. What if James, Katie, Lara, and Marco were all in the Good Place? What if James and Lara were paired up as "soulmates" and so were Katie and Marco? (Feel free to mix and match the characters however you want. Would also love when they've all been split apart and are actively being kept from meeting each other.) I'd love to see a S1 or S2 take of The Good Place take involving these characters! Would also be interested in a fic where the island of Hegg itself is The Good Place, and the events of the film keep getting reset.

Dream fic (and/or dream sex). During the year that passes in canon, the characters dream about the events on Hegg, and how they could have gone differently. Katie or James dreaming about what they'd say to each other if they found themselves in the Orinthologist's Wife-themed honeymoon suite. Having sex in the Orinthologist's Wife themed honeymoon suite when they were trapped in the castle by the paparazzi. Lara dreaming about her honeymoon/wedding-that-wasn't to James. Lara and/or Marco dreaming about their meetings and non-meetings for Lara's wedding. (Bonus points for a fic that works in identity play. Lara or James seducing Marco while he's disguised as the monk would be amazing!) Specific Likes for this prompt: Regrets. Pining. Requited and yet Unrequited Sexual Tension. That elusive relief of getting what the character wants only for it to fade away like a dream.

For want of a nail canon divergence. What if one detail went wrong/differently during the film? What if Lara hadn't spotted Marco at the chapel, and she and James had married, and they came to Hegg on their first wedding anniversary? Or: what if Lara didn't spot Marco in the tree and hadn't disappeared? What if James had spotted him instead? Would our main characters still come to the same realization--that their lives need changing, and they need to be the ones to change it?

Ghost fic (with a supernatural twist). What if James fails to save Katie from drowning? Would his shock and trauma from this event cause him and Lara to break up? Would Katie's mom still get her trip around the world, but by herself? What if Katie came back as a ghost who can't leave Hegg? Give me an (actually) haunted public toliet! Katie trying to cheer up her mom (dying isn't so bad!) and convincing her to take the trip anyway. James getting drunk and coming back to the castle a year later, only to discover that Katie's still there? Ghost smut is always appreciated. :D

General DNWs

The Decoy Bride-specific DNWs

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The Kiss by Inna Ruda (painting)

A very good Klimt pastiche of a very good cat.Find The Kiss on Twitter


The Man In Gold • The Grumpy Cat

Favorite Things:


The Cat Acts Out To Get Kisses. I would love to see some Cat Shenanigans that are clearly aimed at earning the kisses they so clearly desire from their owner.

The Cat is getting punished with kisses. The cat takes care of the Man in Gold, keeps him company, makes sure his food isn’t poisoned, keeps his pillow warm (and his face too, when he’s asleep). And what does the cat get for his service? KISSES. Augh.

Casefic, but with cats! I love art forgery and art heists. Instead of taking this painting as the canon, what if it’s a forgery that’s found hanging one day in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere instead of Klimt’s real The Kiss? The art thief/forger is obviously begging to be caught! I’d love to read anything about this. (For example, is the cat in the painting the forger’s cat? How does she feel about being dragged into Art Crime?)

The Kiss is a self-portrait painted by the cat. Magical realism cat starts to paint portraits and leave them in the studio of their down-on-their-luck human! How does the “Man in Gold” react when he sees the painting? Does he attempt to sell it? Take credit for the artwork himself? I'd love to read anything about this premise, including the cat and the man in gold being duelling artists or art-world nemeses without realizing it.

Interactive fic. Choose Your Own Adventure, Twine-based, or other styles of interactive fic would be amazing! Collecting paintings, or lost items around the house. Cat painting simulators! Cat vs. The Man In Gold. Will Cat be able to outsmart owner, and escape the punishment kisses?

General DNWs

The Kiss-specific DNWs

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The Martian (film)

Can-Do Space Optimism in Overwhelming CircumstancesFind The Martian on Decider


Mark Watney • Vincent Kapoor

Ships I like:

Mark Watney/Vincent Kapoor

Favorite Things:


Canon Divergence (which still leads to a survival situation). What if Mark had gotten off of Mars with the rest of the Ares III crew, only to wind up in a survival situation in deep space (a problem arose on the Hermes, and he ended up jettisoned in a life support pod; an accident incapacitated or killed other crew members, etc)? How would Vincent be able to get the remaining Ares III crew back home? I'd be into reading some fairly dark takes in this canon. As long as you don't violate my general DNWs or canon-specific DNWs (no requested character deaths), you can get pretty grim with the survival scenarios!

Spy-vs-spy silliness with Pathfinder. Mark needs to take his mind off of his circumstances. He uses Pathfinder to conduct a scavenger hunt with Vincent that will take place on Earth and Mars, with each of them trying to outwit the other and win the game.

Mark deals with/examines a not-very-well-studied phenomenon on Mars. I love all of the new science that's pouring in from InSight, Curoisity, and Mars Express Oribiter. If there's a particular discovery that you'd like to explore in a fic, or have Mark encounter--that would be amazing! Marsquakes, dust devil science, noctilucent clouds, liquid/lake systems under Mars' polar regions... anything that grabs your fancy. Is Vincent handing Mark more science to keep him occupied on the planet when he runs out of crew experiements to run, or do they just shoot the shit & talk about the cool things that Mark experiences?

Mark discovers something weird on Mars. Giant alien monolith? Lakes? Plants? Trees? A door to an extradimensional unraveling as bright as day and as terrifying as anything he's ever encountered?? Go wild with it! I'd love if the thing that was discovered was only visible to Mark at first, or if there were circumstances that meant that Mark and Vincent had to discuss how they should go about informing NASA of what Mark has discovered. I'd enjoy crack, or crack played seriously, or something vaguely disquieting. Surreal/trippy space discovers are also amazing.

Mark Watney/Vincent Kapoor get-together fic. I'm fully onboard for this tiny ship. How would they conduction a relationship 39 million+ miles apart? How does the communication delay change their flirting game? Can you flirt effectively via time-delayed messages that will (often) be broadcast around the world? Does Mark Watney realize that he's probably the Most Recognizable Person in the world, due to his mishap? Does he try to parlay his newfound fame into a date with Vincent? I'd be extremely interested in your take on how they might get together, and how they might share intimacy (emotional, or sexual) at such a distance.

AUs! AUs/Fusions with other canons that involve Mars. John Carter of Mars AUs? Martian Manhunter AUs? This is one of the canons where I’m especially open to setting AUs, as long as they retain some “space adventure” and/or “stranded somewhere hostile” element. (Also, preferably Mark remains a biologist or botanist or scientist of some variety.) Mark Watney, real space pirate! Mark Watney, space castaway who has cobbled together a radio, and is communicating with someone (Vincent :D?) on a different ship/station/faction.

General DNWs

The Martian-specific DNWs

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The Princess and the Pony (book)

A warrior needs an awesome horse. Like Fat Pony. Find Princess and the Pony on WorldCat / Kindle


Princess Pinecone • Fat Pony

Favorite Things:


Post-canon warrior competition! After their showing at the first Warrior Competition, next year, everyone comes prepared with super-cute animals of their own. How can Fat Pony and Princess Pinecone compete against that?

Fat Pony & The Other Horses. The other horses in the stables are fabulous, and then there’s Fat Pony. I’d love to see a story about Fat Pony’s trevails with the other horses. Extra bonus points if a unicorn shows up to put them all to shame.

Fuse with Kate Beaton’s original Fat Pony comics! In Kate Beaton’s comics, Fat Pony has humiliated a Prince, defeated a Wizard, been mistaken for a hitman, and become the head of a Crime Family. Fat Pony's eaten a ghost. What if Princess Pinecone’s Fat Pony is on the lam? Does Princess Pinecone need to help Fat Pony stay safe from the mob? Take over the mob? Keep her village safe?

Oh no, an invasion! What will the Warriors do when they’re overrun by their nemeses? (Who are their nemeses? Warriors got to have them, right? Mercenaries, perhaps? Because they fight for money instead of glory?) Fat Pony and Princess Pinecone are here to save the day! Once they think up a plan, that is.

Inspired by The Lady and the Unicorn. A fic about The Fat Pony being a timeless being? Princess Pinecone taping a horn on Fat Pony and living their best cosplay lives? Someone taping a horn to Fat Pony and selling Fat Pony to the Pinecones under the guise of being a "real" unicorn?

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Created 10/10/2020 for Yuletide 2020, a multifandom gift exchange hosted on Ao3.