Gems Emoji Set

A set of gems commissioned for a personal to-do list.

For Private Commission
Years 2020
Category Illustration, Emoji
Links n/a

Designing In a Set

When a friend needed a set of emoji for her private Discord server that worked as a calendar/to-do list, I jumped at the chance to create some gems. We floated several style ideas, and settled on gems that look like they could be a reward in a mobile game. The most important features were:

  • Vibrant and fun.
  • Color-coded for to-do list tasks.
  • Visible at reaction sizes.
  • Cronch.
I decided that I would design one gem for her, and then see if she liked it well enough to be expanded into a full set.

Sketch for the test gem

Sketches for Gems 2 & 3
Sketch for Gem 4

The Full Set

Extra Gem Cronch