Dusty's Squid Emojis

I joined Discord in 2016. Shortly after that, one of my fandom co-mods suggested that we make custom emojis for our writing circle. Someone else suggested that they be squids...and I've been making them ever since. The upgrade to wumbo emoji allowed my over-painted early emojis to really shine.

For Discord Emoji Server
Years 2016-ongoing
Category Emojis
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Classic Squids

Prototype Squid
Plaid Squid
Sad Squid
Sleepy Squid
Worry Squid

Le Moyen Age Squids

Classic Hat Squid
Gem Squid
Squid Thonk
Mirror Squid
"I Sense Something"
Knife Squid
Sword Squid

April Fools Squids

Hatless Squid
New Hat Squid
No Good Squid
Hat Thonk

New Squids

Even More Worried
Squid Want
Squid Smooch
Cozy Overlord
Flower Squid
BeMine Squid